Things Only a Southern Girl Can Understand About Style


There’s a always something very special about a southern girl, and it doesn’t have anything to do with her abilities of pulling off a kick-ass backyard barbecue. They have a unique way of doing everything that they set their minds to, and like it or not, they’re good!

Here are a few things that make southern girls the super power that they truly are:


Whether its shoes, hats, southern girl shirts, jewelry, dresses or southern style bags; monograms are a thing that the southerner knows best about.


Sandals are the KING OF KINGS:

Southern girls don’t believe there is even a single outfit that does not look with a pretty sandal. Easy on the feet yet attractive and comfortable:


Southern Girl T-Shirts in Multiple Categories

Girls from down south know how to rock a T-Shirt, and really know how to improvise. From rush T-shirts to date function T-Shirts, get ready to look through names you haven’t ever heard.

Pearl Earrings Are the Perfect Accessory

Inside every southern girl’s dressing table drawer, there will be a pair of simple yet beautiful pearls that have been accompanied by formal dresses and gym clothes alike to add a bit of southern charm to every ensemble.

Back to College Approach

This one really is the best, because when southern girls can’t make up their mind about any particular shade of anything, they automatically retract to their former college style favorites and make the impossible decision.  Unlike all women, Southern girls like to keep it on the down-low and don’t fuss over little things.

One Print Rules Over All Others

Depending on personal style, a southern girl will always have a favorite printed dress that she wears over, and over, and over…

Croakies are the Most Practical Accessories EVER MADE

This accessory emphasizes on your personal style, and that’s all what southern girls are about. These girls feel seriously responsible for their sunglasses, and there is no one who can tell them to do otherwise.

Nautical Themes Always Work

It can be the lake or the ocean, a southern girl is always at a hand’s distance from sparkling blue waters and this really reflects on their accessorizing habits. Seashell jewelry, oyster earrings, crab motifs, and flamingos are barely the tip of the iceberg- these girls wear the whole sea in the most charming way imaginable.

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